Phoebe Tonkin Bikini Photos Are Hot and Wet and Off the Deep End

We really do have a thing going on for Aussie hottie model and thespianic, Phoebe Tonkin. Since Phoebe relocated to North American to fulfill her dream to be on a bunch of shows I only watch because of her, my blood pressure has risen permanently by ten percent. It's either systolic or diastolic, whichever one it is they measure by wrapping a band around your johnson. What? You don't get that at your doctor's office?

Featured in this catalog pictorial for Shop Ghost, Phoebe displays perfection in all the bikini skill areas; top, bottom, wet, hot. Nailed them all. The polka dots are just some kind of icing on this ridiculously hot cake. A chance to play some visual Twister on her super fine body. Don't try this if you're a beginner. Enjoy.

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