Paige Butcher Bikini Pictures Hot Hot Hawaiian Gumby Dammit

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Have you ever thought to yourself recently, hey, I wonder how Eddie Murphy is doing. I don't hear much from him. Maybe times are really tough for the guy. Yeah, um, no.

Eddie's latest live-in, Australian model, Paige Butcher, was showing off her finer, two decades younger, bikini body in Hawaii while on vacation with Eddie and his two girls. From where I'm ogling, Eddie seems to be doing just fine. Well, actually, it's Paige who's looking mighty fine in her bright blue bikini, but it's Eddie that's the main beneficiary I suppose. So, as to the original question, worry not. For no matter the troubles in a man's life, we all know they pale in comparison to the healing powers of a young blonde Australian model in your boudoir. I mean, I think so at least. Enjoy.

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