One Last Bosomy Hurrah: E3 2013‘s Top 5 Sexy Booth Babes (VIDEO)

E3 2013 Booth Babes Header
In our experience, geeks NEVER look like this.

Booth babe-ery is becoming something of a dying art. The women of the world, it seems, are being convinced not to use their beguiling superpowers for evil (after all, we’d buy gasoline-flavored breakfast cereal if its logo was spread across a fine pair of chesticles). Not quite so often, anyway.

Nevertheless, where there’s an ogling will, there’s a way. Said will appears to be strong with ZoominGames, who recently brought us their pick of the fine ladies of E3 2013. We’re all kinds of on board.

Take a look above, as questionable gaming credentials meet bountiful cleavages and… surprise musical interludes from George ‘Hey there, want to share a urinal?’ Michael. It’s also confirmed that glasses are still just as much of a slightly nerdly aphrodisiac as ever. In case anyone’s ‘nads missed that memo.