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On the Eve of E3, Behold This Terrifying(ly Snarky) Glimpse Into the Future of Xbox One (VIDEO)

As viewers of Microsoft's Xbox One reveal can attest, it's a controversial console indeed. What with its ‘always on' policy, daily online checks and Kinect-powered shenanigans, some fear a horrifying spy-machine like something from George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. These are presumably the same crazies wearing homemade aluminum hats to prevent "those Martian bastards" stealing their brainwaves, but their fear is true.

Their fear is also, if internet piss-takery is any indication, about to be realized. The wacky funsters at GrittyReboots bring us this HAL 9000 spoof, in which Xbox One demands to entertain us; and woe betide he who disobeyeth its all-seeing, all-knowing A.I.

Back in the real world, we have no way of knowing whether Bill Gates will be able to see us in our living rooms, idly scratching our wangs on the couch and canoodling and whatever else we get up to in the privacy of our own homes. As E3 2013 begins, though, the actual gaming credentials of the console are about to be showcased, with launch titles and beyond. Stick with Egotastic! this week for all the latest trailers, news-nuggets and other oddities from the show.

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