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Miley Cyrus Naughty Screencaps from 'We Can't Stop'

I've been young before, but I've never been a girl (outside of a few dress up games that I assure you were all part of a larger, very manly plan), but I'm guessing this new Miley Cyrus music video We Can't Stop is going to be something of an anthem for young girls who feel oppressed. Granted, mostly because their parents are monitoring their computer time or they're not allowed to stay out past 10pm like stupid Sharon is, but, still, oppression is in the eye of the beholder. And for those girls, this Miley Cyrus ode to raunchy girl party time, kind of Cyndi Lauper updated to 2013, I bet it speaks to them.

As for me, I just wanted to see all the edgy booty shaking, doll licking, and simulated making of the sexy scenes promised as images from this video were leaked. They're all there. It's hard to say it's exactly pornographic, as I'm sure some parents groups will scream. But it's definitely, err, memorable. Take a look for yourself. Enjoy.

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