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Maria Menounos Bikini Pictures Deliver the Grecian Goddess Back to Greece

Oh, Maria Menounos bikini pictures are blessedly back, as the Extra TV hostess and holder of so many of our faptastic dreams made her way back to the motherland, Greece, to show the goddesses on Mt. Olympus just how it's done.

Nobody quite seems to delight in beach time play time as much as Maria Menounos. Not only does she fit her bikinis perfectly, her exuberant play almost always causes her body to slip or peek out of her two pieces at some juncture. This closely parallels the feeling we get when we see Maria in a skimpy bikini. Exuberant and slipping accidentally out of our bottoms. Maria knows how to press the 'Imagine Now' button on the gentleman ogler. And she presses it with authority. Enjoy.

And, if you're interested in seeing Maria playing and chicken fighting on the Greek beach in her bikini...

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