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Mai Nishinda Cleavetastic Returns to Haunt Your Libido With Tokyo Dreams

On my tombstone, next to the graffiti that says 'bitch owed me money', expect a chiseled notice that 'twas the Busty Asians that killed him.' I fully expect this rare but lusciously deadly combination to be my mortal undoing. At least I'm going out happy. And I could not be happier than the return of Mai Nishida in a cleavetastic bikini and bra top spread in Young Magazine. It's a little something old and a little something new, in a perfect Mai hottie stew.

Mai Nishida has been one of the special plums we've uncovered on our ventures to the Orient for Eastern displays of sextastic celebrity. Thankfully, Mai happens to do work in the U.S., which leads me to believe we are desperately trying to contact her for a little Egotastic! special work. I say that only because the phone is currently in my right hand. Yes, that's my phone. Quit it. Enjoy.

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