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Kendall Jenner Preparing for Grown Up Greatness with Body Suits and Long Legs

With the big bastard Kardashian baby on the way, don't think the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family don't know that new competition is coming. Time to step up the game. So, Kendall Jenner has made an extra effort to use the time she's not in school (all the time) to make her way about town attracting attention to her taller, leaner, model self.

Also, she seems to be getting lots of beauty treatments. Hair, nails, maybe a little touch up here and there. That is her job now and she's doing it well. Consider her body suits and shorts to be vocational training. With just a few months until barely legal status and just a few weeks until the new competition arrives, Kendall is in hyper competitive body mode. I think she's doing just fine. Enjoy.

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