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Kate Upton Makes Us All Begrudging Yankees Fans for a Day

Okay, so if you're actually a Yankees fan to begin with, you know, either from N.Y. or just a major front runner with your sports teams, I suppose the fandom is not begrudging. But, for the rest of us, we'd grit our teeth and root for the boys in pinstripes if it meant a hot baseball night out with Kate Upton, who showed off at Yankee Stadium over the weekend.

Now, Kate is either trying to get noticed by the cameras, or perhaps one of the $100M + players on the Yankees who may be future boyfriends. There were already strong rumors last fall that Kate was dating Justin Verlander of the Tigers (one lucking effin' bastard). Who's next? Well, let's just say I've got my old Little League glove and some leather oil out, and the oil isn't for the glove.

Call me, Kate. Let's play ball. Enjoy.

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