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Kate Upton Grown Up Sextastic for Vogue Brazil

With all the rumors, misreports, and downright fakes on the Internet the past ten days or so, I can say with 100% confidence that this is actually blonde bombshell Kate Upton on the pages of Vogue Brazil. Granted, a bit touched up in post, but it's really Kate. I'm not exactly sure what's happened this past week, but Kate Upton definitely has a machine working for her now. Pretty low key, but on the spot, and they are looking out for her public image something fierce. Combine that with a public ever so desperate to see Kate nekkid (count me in that group), and you have the makings of one messed up Kate Upton week.

But, back to the real Kate, just one heck of a girl. Soon we shall see her without her clothes on, for real, it will happen. And on that day, the angels will sing in the heavens, though I won't hear it so much as my doors will all be shut and locked. Enjoy.

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