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Kate Upton Cleavetastic for Choppers Summer Campaign

We had a rather rousing, short-lived discussion in the office here yesterday over who has nicer melons, Kate Upton or Kelly Brook. Hey, this is what we talk about here during our downtime. So, it's just like our uptime. I say short-lived discussion because after yesterday, we had the best, clearest view of the amazing Kelly Brook funbags ever seen before, while we remain completely devoid of anything closely posed and topless for Kate Upton. So the verdict remains in doubt. Sadly so. Though hopefully not for long.

Featured once more in the Choppers summer campaign mini-pictorial, the Kate Upton tremendous boobage almost fell out of her bikini top, a bittersweet reminder that as sweet as her flesh puppies are in our lives, there will always be some hint of emptiness in our hearts until we see those sextastic suckers flapping free in the midday sun. Anticipation, it really does kill your slowly. Enjoy.

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