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Kate Upton Bikini Pictures White Hot Boobtastic Reveals on Set of 'The Other Woman'

You know I've already penciled in a theater-going date for the release of The Other Woman, coming out sometimes in 2014. Well, now consider that date set in pen. I know little about this film other than Cameron Diaz has bares her long legs, and now triple visually confirmed, Kate Upton flashes tons of her fleshy love rounds in various scenes in this film. Of course, some of these scenes could end up on the cutting room floor, in which case, I intend to sue filmmakers on the grounds of being idiots.

Last week we saw Kate Upton falling out of her top in a scene with Leslie Mann. Now, our hotly belusted 21-year old blonde bombshell as she ought to be, barely fitting into a white bikini on the beach. Just acres and acres of Upton to gaze upon and induce tingly feelings. Say what you will about Citizen Kane being the greatest film ever, it never had Kate Upton in an undersized bikini. Enjoy.

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