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Kate Middleton Soon To Birth My Baby; Let's Look at Her Last Bikini Pictures

We had these photos up a few months ago, before the Beefeaters showed up at our door demanding removal by force of their halberds. But now that Kate Middleton is about to give birth to a baby rumored to be my own, I thought we should re-issue this look at the best looking royal in over four hundred years in her last known bikini appearance on the private island of Mustique. Well, not so private an island that there wasn't an Egotastic! friendly dude with a camera roaming the island, but private enough that King James Court and the entire British people went nuts over another exposure of their blue blooded princess.

Given Kate's superior genes, I suspect she'll be back into slender shape in no time after our little secret is born and Prince William gets to pretend to be the father. Maybe we'll even see her in something less than a bikini someday soon too, with a slight hope that motherhood gives a little oomph in her chestal region. Enjoy.

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