Jesinta Campbell Open Top Cleavage Makes Man of Steel Premiere a Sydney Must-See

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By now you know I was not a huge fan of the Superman film series reboot. I will not apologize. I mean, if you're much bigger than me and angry and in my face I will, but in general, I stand by my assessment. However, this does not mean I shall shirk on my responsibility to bring you all the hotties from the premiere catwalks for the film around the globe. Including Former Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, who attended the Sydney opening of Man of Steel in a rather revealing top, revealing ample amounts of her blessed pageant winners.

Now, bringing out exhibitionist hotties to your film premieres won't change my opinion of your underlying movie, but it will certainly make me respect you as a showman, err, show-woman, err, show-person. In this manner, everybody wins. Enjoy.

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