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If You Bought a 3D TV Just to Watch Sports on ESPN 3D, I've Got Some Bad News for You

Back in 2010, fresh off the enormous success of James Cameron'sAvatar, ESPN launched ESPN 3D and predicted that a "3D tsunami" would sweep the film and television industry, changing the landscape forever.

Well, they were wrong. Box office revenue for 3D films in 2012 was the same as it was in 2011, while the number of films released in 3D dropped by 20% during that same period. Now, ESPN has announced they are pulling the plug on ESPN 3D due to low ratings.

Just how low were the ratings for ESPN 3D? Well, they were so low that Nielsen couldn't even measure them accurately. Of course, this should hardly come as a surprise given that only 6% of households in the United States even have 3D TVs and, of that measly 6%, most only watch 3D content sporadically.

In any case, industry analysts had already noted that, over the last several quarters, TV manufacturers had shifted their focus from 3D televisions to "ultrahigh definition" televisions, whatever the hell that means. Now that ESPN has pulled the plug on ESPN 3D, the truth is more painfully obvious than ever: that $2500 3D TV in your living room is now about as useful at your Toshiba HD DVD player.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

H/T – [NY Daily News]

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