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I Want To Give Each and Every One of You a Big Wet....

Thanks to EgoReader 'Adrian' who pointed out that Egotastic! made the Forbes list on The 30 Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Sites And Why Big Brands Love Them.

I must admit I never pay attention to honors, maybe because the last one I got was a Perfect Attendance Award in fourth grade. And really that was just because Father Romano whispered in my ear that 'truants get it in the butt'. It's the kind of threat you don't question with a followup. You just show up.

Nevertheless, you've got me crying like Van Der Beek here. I couldn't do it without all of you. My boss is happy when I'm looking at T&A online. But for most of you, there's somebody you have to dodge to get your daily Egotastic! fix, and I do appreciate your efforts.

If boobs fall out of their tops and nobody is there to see them, do they ever really show? Nay.


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