Heather Graham Bikini Pictures Blue But So Very Happy Down Rio Way

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Blessed be, more Heather Graham bikini pictures from her vacation down in Brazil, along the beach, flashing her 40-something veteran hottie goodness. Last week's bikini photos were truly a Heather revelation. Today's, the proverbial icing on a cake I would surely like for dessert each and every evening. You've got to wash that Ramen down with something and a slice of Heather Graham seems to be the perfect culmination for a hardcore appetite.

Personally, I feel like we short shrifted  Heather's gloriously glowing backside last week, so I'm glad she took her turns to the waterfront to allow us a solid view of her still mighty squeeze worthy little dumper. It's a thing going on there down below. A really wonderful thing. Bless you again, Heather Graham. Enjoy.

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