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Have Some Pot-Infused Bacon: Local Butcher Raises 'Marijuana Pigs'

Do pigs get high? I don't know the answer to that, but Seattle-based butcher William von Schneidau might. No, he hasn't been letting his pigs smoke pot. Instead, good old Will here has actually been feeding pot plants to his pigs. Apparently, that's his way of 'infusing' meat with marijuana.

Does it work? Will the meat of these pigs get you high when you eat it? Nobody knows.

But Will has this to say:

People have been asking all these questions. 'Do you think (the pigs are) feeling it? Are they stoned?' and I'm like, 'Wait a minute. Let's back up here for a second.' All we're trying to do is to help the local ranchers and to figure out some ways to shorten the carbon footprint.

I think it's a rad idea but what does this have to do with shortening (or is that reducing?) the carbon footprint? Still, I'd fancy a serving of some pot-bellied pork just to see what it'll taste like.

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