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Give Your Old Man the Gift of Bacon

Father's day is fast approaching. In fact, it's a little over a week away from today, so if you haven't gotten your old man anything yet, then now is the time to do so before it's too late. Don't give him a tie, a mug, a pen holder, or another one of those nonsensical generic gifts.

He's your dad, for Chrissakes, so you better get him something awesome because you wouldn't be around if he wasn't there to knock your momma up! (Sorry for the mental image!)

And what could be more awesome than presenting him with a climate-controlled box of bacon?

They were thought up by Oscar Mayer and are sold online at Pretty apt for their wares, right? There are three sets available. All three include delectable bacon and a little inedible something on the side: a moneyclip for the Commander, bacon cufflinks for the Matador, and a rugged multi-tool for the Woodsman.

As their slogan goes, "Give the world's most tasteful gift!" While I beg to disagree, I would say that these gift sets are a hundred times better than some bath towels.

Gift It: $22 - $28

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