Fox Hunt: Seven Sextastic Supergirls Remind Us to Make a Date With ‘Man of Steel’ Next Week

At a pinch, we could’ve squeezed septuplets into that headline somewhere. But that brings to mind all kinds of sisterly menage-a-huit images that leave us in need of a hasty cold shower, and we break our ‘washing more than once a month is strictly overkill’ rule for no man.

But to business: for those of us who missed the memo, Man of Steel is crotch-thrusting its way to theaters as we speak (presumably in a manly and steely fashion), to touch down next Friday. The best way to celebrate this fact, the Fox Hunt concluded, was the way that had a fine bevy of blonde strumpets in it. Needless to say, a good idea is a good idea.

Behold the above costume-ery and photography from Jenn at DangerousLadies, Still Visions and JJABarrett, and join us tomorrow for a look at the most notorious video game in superhero history, Superman 64.