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Farrah Abraham Bikini Pictures Reveal Her New DDelightful Look

Teen Mom is back and bigger than ever! Well, bigger in at least two places since her recent upgrade in size surgery.

Moving up to a full-D-size funbag size a couple weeks ago, Farrah Abraham took her new bigger girls out for their first exposed public appearance at the Sapphire pool in Vegas, pimping hard for the establishment and drawing raves reviews, or at least some serious cat-calls, about her newly engorged hooters. It was quite the scene.

Love 'em or leave 'em, there's no denying that a girl with melons larger than her home state tends to draw the eyeballs, especially when clad in a tiny-sized bikini. So, I'd say, the promotion was definitely a successful. As for Farrah and her new life with the big D's, well, much remains to be seen, as it were. Enjoy.

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