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Farrah Abraham Bikini Pictures Back from the Sex Show and Onto the Beach

Farrah Abrahamis back. Well, technically, she never left, though there were those who thought she might leave the country after our interview with her. Namely, I thought she'd leave. But she stayed and hit some adult expos and celebrated her birthday back in Nebraska, and then, finally, returned to the beach in her bikini in Miami.

You can say what you will about a young woman who pays her bills the old-fashioned way, well, old-fashioned for the last 10 years or so since the invention of the sex tape, but Farrah Abraham is looking pretty good in her bikini. A bit of support from the 90210 docs, but also a healthy dose of reasonably healthy living, working out, and knowing how to preen in a bikini. She even has a pretty nice backdoor working there. We had to peek. Enjoy.

(Naturally, you can still get Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom and all other celebrity sex tapes to watch for the cost of what it costs to run our government for 1/100,000th of a second, I actually did the math, scary)

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