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Elsa Hosk Swedish Blonde Visual Treats in Upcoming Elle

You know by now the financial, physical, and emotional toll I pay each month to receive my copious copies of the world's leading ladies magazines. Oh, how the middle school skater kids to taunt and tease me at my very own stoop. But it's ever worthwhile when that secret nugget within is revealed. No, not the perfume sampler. I save that for date night. I'm talking about an eye-catching pictorial with an eye-popping hottie. Something along the sextastic lines of Elsa Hosk in the July edition of Elle magazine.

Elsa does her Swedish people quite proud with very straightforward blonde Nordic hotness. Checking out Elsa in these casual beachy flirtatious type get-ups, it's quite easy to imagine her our summer time girlfriend, keeping the day time fires lit so that the night time may be filled with burning embers of passion. I just made that up. I know, it's soft core genius. But with Elsa, it might take more than a few turns of the phrase to get her into less than she's wearing in these photos. Maybe like a Wimbledon title or a mansion or something like that. I need to get working on that. Enjoy.

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