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(BREAKING) James Gandolfini Inexplicably Cuts to Black

Sad news guys, Deadline just reported that James Gandolfini died today after suffering a fatal heart attack. He was in Italy to attend the 59th Taormina Film Festival.

Gandolfini first chilled the cockles of our hearts playing an unfortunate hitman in 1993's True Romance. Soon thereafter, he became a small screen legend when he was cast as The Sopranos maniacal patriarch in 1999. He won 3 Emmy awards for the role through the show's 6 seasons. While most actors of Gandolfini's stature would have been content to completely milk the Guido stereotype in perpetuity, he ended up choosing some more challenging roles, including those he played in Zero Dark Thirty, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Castle.

Of all the ways Tony Soprano was going to get whacked, who knew it would be on a trip to the motherland? No word yet on how close he was to a bowl of oranges. R.I.P.

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