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Amber Heard Remains One Hot Carpet Munching Vixen

You know our love for super hot women only increases when we know they love the same thing we love. Well, yes, watching sports in our underwear on the couch. That, but also the love and sweaty affection of other hot women. Like Amber Heard, who claims to be bisexual, but, let's be honest, that's just to make her sextastic girlfriends put a little effort into plastic toy Friday fun time.

Featured in the current Malibu magazine, Amber Heard reminds us that she's one super fine looking woman. We don't get to see much of Amber these days. Limited in the screen roles. But every time she appears, we feel the need to dream about girls in ancient Greece feeding grapes and their tender body parts to one another. I mean, I do. You get your own classical naughty flashbacks. Enjoy.

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