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Wool and Prince Shirts: Wear 'Em, But Don't Wash 'Em

We've already got you covered when it comes to not washing your underwear with the MeUndies 365-Pack. Now we've got something for dudes who want to avoid having to wash their shirts as often as they probably should with Wool and Prince's no-wash buttondowns.

They're made from a specially developed material called Cotton-Soft wool fabric that has natural anti-wrinkle and odor-fighting properties. Instead of encouraging you to wash it, Wool and Prince advises you to do otherwise. In fact, they insist that you only wash the shirt "when absolutely necessary."

But the big question: Does it really work? According to guys who went on a 100-day field test, it does--and that should be good enough for the lot of you.

Wool and Prince launched their shirts on Kickstarter, and they're all currently sold out. It just goes to show that there are thousands upon thousands of guys willing to pay top dollar for a shirt as convenient as this.

Check It Out: Kickstarter

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