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When Someone Tells You to Eat Sh't, Eat This

The next time someone tells you to eat sh't, don't take offense. Who knows? They could actually be telling you to try a couple of these turd-shaped, cola-flavored gummy candies out. And if they're not, then you could return the favor by giving them a pack or two of these gummy candies laced with the real stuff. That'll teach them to mess with you.

Hah! We're just kidding, of course, because that would just be too juvenile. That and the fact that you might poison someone with your sh't should be enough to ward you from ever doing that.

Kidding aside, I'm not a huge fan of gummies, but I am a huge fan of weird and unusual stuff, and this definitely takes a spot on my list.

If you're open-minded and are up for eating some serious sh't, then check out the link below to see where you can get some.

Try It: $5.99

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