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Vanessa Hudgens Skirt Drops On Way to See the Stones

Of course, anybody who is anybody plus those who could just afford monster scalper prices went to see the Rolling Stones here in L.A. on Friday night, kicking off their 50th Anniversary tour. Including Vanessa Hudgens, whose likes to dress thrift store hippy any time she hits the public eye to remind everybody what an earthy kind of gal he is. All of which may be true, also true that her clothes often fall apart, like her skirt that fell down revealing her shiny underwear.

Not that we're complaining if young hot women of means want to purchase shoddy clothes that routinely malfunction. In fact, when I retire from this sort of job, I'd like to run a store called Shoddy Clothes That Fall Off Hot Ladies. Not sure I'll do a booming business, but any customer coming through the door will be a fun experience. Enjoy.

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