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'Star Trek Into Darkness' Spoilers Courtesy of Conan (VIDEO)

Chances are that you skipped out on work today to see Star Trek Into Darkness and now you're stuck in line with chatty fanboys and fangirls. If you've been good, you carefully avoided months of speculation about plot points, character arcs and everybody telling you, "Bro, it's Khan." Now you just have to get through the next few minutes without one of those nerds spilling all the Khan-y goodness for sure.

Like all of us, however, you've probably been sloppy or you have jerk friends who told everything that's going to happen, right down to the lens-flare.

Earlier this week, ubernerds came down hard on Conan O'Brien for being one of those spoiler-dropping jerk friends. His response? More (fake) spoiler-dropping. Check it.

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