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Saruman Is Dropping A Metal Album

Christopher Lee, Saruman himself, is dropping a heavy metal album called Charlemagne: The Omens Of Death. Yes, it's about Charlemagne the Frankish king and yes it will be badass. It's actually the second album Lee put out about the first Holy Roman Emperor. In 2010 he released  Charlemagne: By The Sword And The Cross. They are the kind of metal concept albums sprinkled with medieval history, Dungeons and Dragons, and Satanism that your burnout headbanger cousins would have enjoyed in 1983. I'm no expert in the field, (I'm only metal with a small "m"), but I think this album sounds darker and heavier than the last one. I guess it's a more mature piece. He was only 88 when he did the first one, after all.

Christopher Lee is f%@king amazing. The dude is 91 years old! He was awesome as Dracula, Saruman, all those Tim Burton movies, and even in that piece of crap Attack of the Clones. I for one hope that the powers of darkness preserve me as well as they have Christopher Lee. Behold the first track off the album and despair!

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