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Ready for Some Long Distance Smexy Time? Check Out Fundawear (VIDEO)

The Fundawear isn't the first sex toy that's geared specifically for couples in long-distance relationships and it clearly won't be the last. This particular one has everything to do with underwear, though, so you might want to tell your girl to keep her bras and panties on so you can help lead her to the grand finale.

The Fundawear is a concept that's allegedly going to be turned into a reality soon by rubber maker Durex.

The premise is simple: since most people already stay in touch over the Internet these days, why not take things a step further and let couples get it on via the interwebs?

There's a Fundawear for you and one for your girl. Each has been embedded with touch technology that's linked to an app, so you or your girl can "touch" the other in various sensitive areas to kick smexy time off.

What do you think?

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