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Private IMAX Theater: The Only Way to Watch Your Homemade Movies (No, Not Home Movies)

By homemade, you do know what we're talking about, right?

Unless you've got a partner who's up for anything and everything, chances are you only got to record that video by hook or by crook (or with a lot of begging.) That means viewing it should be made a big deal, and how much bigger can you get than by screening it on your very own private IMAX theater?

Kidding aside, this theater will blow away all the existing home theaters in the world. It costs an arm and a limb and a few other choice body parts (although it'll only cost Beyoncehave a leg at best.) But for that price, you'll get the IMAX technology suite that comes with a projection system and a sound system, plus they'll take care of theater design and provide you with dedicated support.

If only we were all millionaires.

Check It Out: $1,000,000+

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