Playboy’s Sexy Mortal Kombat Girl Fight Was So Wrong, Yet So Right (VIDEO)

Mortal Kombat Girl Fight Header
Absurd? Awful? Oddly Arousing? Yes, Yes and Yes.

As marketing shenanigans go, two Playboy bunnies feigning enjoyment of the product in question is pretty damn effective (if they happen to have, y’know, left most of their clothes behind). The wacky funsters behind 2011‘s copious blood-bleeding brawler Mortal Kombat knew this, and joined forces -well, kinda sorta- with the master oglers at Playboy to create… this.

It may appear, to the untrained eye, that Jo Garcia and Brittney Palmer wouldn’t recognize a video game if it cavorted about provocatively in its undercarriage before their very eyes. But this is absolutely not the case. Not even slightly. Even if it was, there’s still some undercarriage-cavorting to be seen, so we’ll excuse a little gaming ineptitude.

As a bonus, Nintendo’s craptacular Eighties ballache the Power Glove (the Shitty Glove is more like it. How do you like that zinger, Nintendo?) makes a cameo appearance for no damn reason at all.