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Miranda Kerr Tight Black Booty Dress and Tipsy for a Personal Fantasy

I'd be lying if I didn't cop to a dream where I run into Miranda Kerr whose a few sheets to the wind, but looking ever so hot in some leather outfit, crying about how her unemployed husband no longer wants to be with her in the evenings. She'll use some subtle Aussie term like 'be with her in the evenings' and I'll know exactly what that means. I'll hold her close and let her have a good cry, at least a minute or two before I ger her some tissue and offer up a practical solution to her ongoing basic human need for companionship. And, oh, how sweaty wild that solution will be.

Miranda Kerr inspires dreamers to dream. I like that about her. Also how hot she is and her amazing model body. All of the above. Enjoy.

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