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'We're the Millers' Red Band and Jennifer Aniston's Ass (VIDEO)

The red band trailer for We're the Millers went live today and -- wait -- is that an inflated ball sack!?

Yes. Yes it is. No worries, though, there's plenty of bare Jennifer Aniston to make up for it. There there, take a look at that sweet, stripping former Friend. All better now? Good.

Minus the swollen scrote, this is the best trailer we've seen all year. All of it's awesomeness rests on the fact that Aniston is a stripper impersonating a MILF who ends up stripping...or something. Funny people are in it being funny. A killer whale eats a dolphin. And Aniston is about to hook up with a lady in a tent. Fine, twist our arms, we're watching it again.

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