Kendall Jenner Bikini Pictures Are Big Time for Agua Bendita

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Kendall Jenner continues to climb the Kardashian ladder of success, landing an Agua Bendita campaign shoot that got the taller, leaner, hotter looking Kardashian sister into a skimpy bikini for the Spanish-leaning bikini swimwear line.

While we're not allowed to officially comment on the body views of Kendall Jenner for another six months, I think it's fair to say that numerous ocean-going mammals had a little extra drag beneath their torsos as they viewed Kendall on the beach in her tiny two piece. Let's be honest, Kendall was born to model, not much else, but she's going to nail that one thing. That's actually an accomplishment.

In case you're interested in seeing the backside of Kendall, check out her additional Agua Bendita swimwear shoot photos on WWTDD. Enjoy.

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