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Keep Your Glasses On: Google Glass P0rn is Coming

Google Glass is creepy enough as it is. We like being able to take shots on the sly and check out social media profiles of hot chicks, but being able to do all that and more with nary a tap is a bit too much, even for us. But one thing we're not going to complain about is the day when p0rn makes its way to Google Glass--and sources say it's going to be soon.

Android adult app store MiKandi recently revealed:

Google Glass Porn has been making its rounds, and while studios are intrigued, no one seems to be doing anything about it. So I wanted to let you know that we picked up our Glass and, yup, we're making content for it.

There are many reasons why Glass is perfect for p0rn, and MiKandi explains further:

Obviously, Glass is perfect for shooting POV video, so we're experimenting with that first. But what's really interesting about Glass is that it's not just a hands free camera. It can receive and send data, so there are a lot of interesting interactions that we want to explore.

So yeah, stay tuned, because it's coming soon to Glasses near you.

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