Jill Martin Bikini Pictures Use Funbag Interview Lockdown Techniques

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This is not a comment on the journalistic skills of Knicks sideline reporter Jill Martin. She's a fine journalist. With a fine idea on how to secure a beach area interview in Miami with a guy like Juwan Howard. And, I think it's fair to say, those two glowing cleavetastic globes do not hurt in such talent booking processes.

Now, I'm not saying you need the big ole bikini guns to do your job as a reporter. I don't remember Mike Wallace flashing funbags to get foreign dictators to sit down with him in the hot seat. I'm just saying it helps. Though I may be personalizing this discussion as I stare hypnotically into the plumped up pretty section of Jill Martin on the beach. I'd let her interview me. Or interrogate with extreme prejudice and baby oil. Enjoy.

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