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Is This For Real? Lingerie for Dudes

Guys think about it all the time. In fact, I know a few who got so hung up about it that they still persisted, even after their girlfriends flat out refused. You know what I'm talking about... Or don't you?

Let me get to it.

For years, thousands of men all over the world have wondered what it felt like to wear lacy underwear and frilly lingerie. They've seen their girlfriends in them, so what's the harm in trying them out one or two times, just to see how everything all fits? For obvious reasons, a lot of women get freaked out by this, with reasons from 'Are you sure you're straight?' to 'You might stretch it out at the bottom!'

Well, guys, wonder no more because a company called Homme Mystere has launched a line of lingerie that's made especially for dudes. They're offering frilly bras (to, you know, provide ample support to your man-boobs), tank top and undie sets (ooh, sexy!), and one-piece teddies that bulge in all the right (or wrong?) places.

All kidding aside, I have to say that I'm not kidding at all. Dude lingerie does exist and you can order them online. Don't worry about anyone finding out, because they promise to provide discrete shipping.

Check It Out: $Varied

P.S. Once seen, the images of dudes in lingerie cannot be unseen. Especially the C-Strings--watch out for the C-Strings. So proceed with caution. You have been warned.

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