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Ireland Baldwin Is Like Sweet Sunshine From Parental Rain

With not one but two highly, let's call them, vivacious, parents, there's a good chance Ireland Baldwin will be touched at some point in her life by the crazy bug. But until that time she's parlaying the upside of her genetics, her good looks, into a burgeoning teen modeling career, some cash, surfer boyfriend, and whatever else it is teens who don't seem to go to school do with their free time and resources.

Oh, and, yes, we do have an affinity for Ireland Baldwin because in addition to being tall and blonde and almost barely legal, she's most definitely in love with sharing pictures of herself online. While they tend to be somewhat tame, at some point her point and click habit will mix with her and some friends sneaking some booze, and then, well you know what happens next. If it happens after October, we will definitely bring it to you. Enjoy.

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