How Does a Free V.I.P. Blowout Memorial Day Weekend in Vegas Sound to You? (You Must Enter)


Yeah, I thought so. Me too. Wait, were you thinking booze and girls and bikinis and gambling and gold pinkie rings too?

Our friends at are putting on one helluva contest giveaway for Memorial Day Weekend. A 3-day, 3-night airfare, hotel, transportation, and A-list nightclub access with bottle service (I'm told that's the thing) to Sin City this Memorial Day weekend. Up to $6500 in value. That's more than I make in a weekmonth year And it's all free, if you can come up with an awesome Tweet on why you deserve such luxury, bad-assery, and basically deserve to finally get action from a good looking woman.

I wouldn't be your very best friend if I didn't tell you to take the approximately 32-seconds it'll take to enter this contest.

(I can't guarantee you much, but if you win, you will have a better weekend than your buddies. Unless you bring one, which you should, do not bring a girl to Vegas.)

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