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Highlights of the Xbox Reveal: Meet Xbox One (VIDEO)

As the gaming-savvy among us are surely aware, yesterday saw Microsoft throw down their own glossy black next generation gauntlet. Mere months after Sony's wang-waving event, the much-ballyhooed new Xbox has finally been revealed. The speculation-o-tron can stop suggesting such names as ‘720' or ‘1080' or anything else that brings nut-numbingly difficult skateboarding tricks to mind, as the console has been officially dubbed the Xbox One.

In a deft little PR move, this name gives Bill's boys the opportunity to prattle on about their shiny new wonderbox's multimedia capacities (All your entertainment... All in One and other such slogan-ing), which are introduced to us in the above clip. As a bonus, it also provides what Sony couldn't: a decent goddamn look at the thing.

Take a look, and ponder just what in the name of holy hell games that feellike real life could possibly mean.

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