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Grumpy Cat Has a Movie Deal...Seriously.

Apparently every single book, comic book, television show, toy, and video game has already been turned into a feature film. As a result, with nowhere else to turn, the creative types in Hollywood have embarked on a journey into the final frontier of movie subject matter: internet memes. We know this because today it was announced that Grumpy Cat, the surly feline internet celebrity, has a movie deal.

Actually, I guess it's Grumpy Cat's owner, Tabatha Bundesen, who has the movie deal. But you get the idea—this is insane. Last fall somebody posted a pic of the mixed breed cat on Reddit; now it's got a sweet endorsement deal with Friskies and a biopic in the works.

The company behind this thing is Broken Road Productions. These are the same visionaries who brought you Paul Blart Mall Cop and Jack and Jill, so you know it will be pretty good. And while there is no word yet on whether Grumpy Cat will be animated or live action, they have answered the biggest question on everyone's mind: yes, the cat will talk.

So what's next for Hollywood? Perhaps a romantic comedy based on Overly Attached Girlfriend? Maybe a big screen adaptation of First World Problems? Who knows. Anything, it would seem, is possible.

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