Grand Theft Auto’s Greatest Past Trailers: GTA III- 10 Year Anniversary Edition (VIDEO)

Grand Theft Auto Trailer Header
This sort of thing could ruin that guy's whole day.

We’ve all gleefully ogled the recent, wang-waving trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. Michael, Franklin and Trevor’s threefold narrative brought us many things: a head-on collision betwixt a craptastic old car and a train, a dude leaping from an apartment window in his skimpy little underpants as Queen’s Radio Ga Ga emanates from somewhere in the background, the kind of funky sideburns you just don’t see often enough in today’s society… you can fit a whole lot of crazy into a meager four minutes, it would seem.

The upshot being that we’re all very much in the mood to admire a few of Rockstar’s past vignettes. 2011‘s Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition chose to forsake the character-centric introductory business, instead propelling several shitloads of pure actiontacular gameplay into our hungry, hungry faces.

It wasn’t a ‘new’ release (rather a re-imagining of the much-ballyhooed third game for iDevices), which provided the scope to simply show the great variety of the gameplay. Rooftop sniping? Driving a tank over a row of traffic like that army general who liked to drink between-drink drinks? This little doozy has/had you covered, with a little light flamethrower flambéing a row of cars for no goddamn reason to boot. Behold (again)!