Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Outrageous Butts, Grand Theft Auto V and Weirdness with Urinals

Today’s installment addresses all the vital issues facing today’s young, slim, not at all middle aged spread-y dudely dudes: ass ogling, Rockstar’s impending digital colossus Grand Theft Auto V and public toilet etiquette (which is, as we know, governed by such commandments as thou shalt not make eye contact, lest it be misconstrued as erotic interest. Who wants that from another guy when they’ve got their wang out? No-one, that’s who).

Visit this week’s gallery to hear the ridiculous tale of the swimsuited -and imaginary- ass that gave the family-friendly funsters at Nintendo an aneurysm (of outrage). There’s also a collection of fans’ most demented responses to the fresh Grand Theft Auto V trailers, and the game which tasks us with preventing a troupe of tiny cartoon guys from pissing on the floor. Yes indeed.

Kotaku bring us the ass Nintendo doesn’t want you to see.

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