Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Continuing the Saga of the Outrageous Butt; Plus Space Invaders on a Mountainside

For the less observant among the Ego-ranks, it’s Friday! Congratulations for surviving to the ass-end of another week without shitting in your boss’s wastebin, raising your fists heavenwards and exclaiming, Nuts to this, I’m going to travel to a snow-capped mountain and spend several painstaking hours crafting a bizarre-and-gigantic work of gaming art on the ground, using only the footprints from my chunky boots. That’ll show them! That’ll show them all!

Because that’s an actual thing that can happen, it transpires. Just ask Simon Beck, talented nutbag and star of this installment of the Whacked Out Week.

Elsewhere in the gallery, see how asses continue to be taboo ‘round Nintendo way, while dicks are entirely acceptable (if they’re famous dicks). Princess Peach also becomes that crazy harridan from The Ring who likes to crawl out of the devil’s rectum via our television sets. Because why not, that’s why.

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Header image posted at thechive.