Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Butts, Dogs and… Tech-Savvy Weathermen

This week’s Xbox One reveal can’t have escaped the attention of the gaming-inclined amongst us. Sadly, though, the media furor that ensued didn’t answer the most important question of all: Say, what does that dumbass weatherman from Channel 58 think about the new console?

After all, could you sleep without hearing the expert opinion/random BS-ings of a dickish meteorologist on the Xbox One’s prospects? Of course you couldn’t, but fear not. This installment of the Whacked Out Week has you covered.

Suckle at our teat of crazy above for such other wonderment as tiny winged asses and Call of Duty: Ghosts (definitely not) offering bizarre dog-breed DLC.

Kotaku brings us weathermen gaming critics and assault asses.

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