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Gaming's Whacked Out Week: Boobs, Burgers and Bizarre Beverages

As you give another craptacular working week a vigorous mental middle finger, you'll probably decide to celebrate by retiring to the local drinkatorium. This is no time to dick around with fancy-ass coffees with Kenyan names grown in remote mountainous regions of Italy (or vice versa, as the case may be), beer is needed. Strain it through your goddamn undercrackers if you want, we don't care; it's alcohol-o-clock.

But if you should decide to hipster it right up and go for a cappuccino or some such, be sure to take renowned ‘foam artist'/mad, mad bastard Nowtoo Sugi with you. Today's star of the Whacked Out Week has one of the most scrote-shrivelingly-useless-yet-remarkable talents we've seen in an age, as you can see above.

And while you're in the gallery, behold an amusingly irrelevant boob-slapping promotional game and the only restaurant in Canada that serves Chocobo Burgers. Nerdtastic!

Kotaku brings us breast-slapping, EXP Restaurant and nerdy latte art.

See more of the restaurant right here.

You can also visit Sugi on Twitter.

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