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Egotastic! Style: 'Time Traveller' Watch is For the Worldly Traveler

Have you ever had one of those Hangover moments where you go on a night out with friends and wake up in a totally different country? You might've realized then that a damn good watch that can give you the time wherever you are would come in handy. An app would suffice, but if you can't even find your phone, then what good can they do?

Luckily for worldly travelers, such a watch exists and it's aptly called the 'Time Traveller.'

It's built like most analog watches, but with a huge difference: instead of a minute and an hour hand, it has sixteen landmark hands instead. It's not just there for show, because each landmark actually gives you the time of that place that certain landmark is known for.

For example, if you want to know what time it is in the Big Apple, just look for the Statue of Liberty. On a romantic getaway in France? Look for the Eiffel Tower and it'll point you to the right hour.

Check It Out: $200+

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