E3 2013′s Most Mind Blowing and Anticipated Games: ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

E3 Excitement: GTA V
Now With 300% More Hookers!

Grand Theft Auto V will be in full-force at E3. And that’s good. Seriously, how long have we been waiting for this thing? They announced it in October 2011 and since then, we’ve seen trailers, posters, characters, rendered surfaces and every other nugget Rockstar can throw our way but the actual game to play for ourselves…which the general public won’t get to do until September.

We’re entirely stoked on this one for more than mere anticipation. For one, it has three main protagonists, which is a great addition to a huge persistent-world game like GTA.  There’s that whole argument that multiple main characters will be the wave of the future and all that. Sure, fine.

Most importantly, GTA 5 will be the last big franchise entry on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms. While everyone is clobbering over each other for look-see’s at the next generation, will GTA V be quietly murdering hookers in the corner? Here’s hoping it’s front and center. By all accounts, it will be the perfect pedestrian-flattening swan song for two great systems.